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The Recirculating Farms Coalition supports building eco-friendly farms that use clean recycled water to grow local, accessible, fresh food and create stable green jobs. Learn more about us here.

Spring Community Classes @ Growing Local NOLA

We're proud to present fitness classes, cooking demos, gardening instruction and more in our Growing Local NOLA garden!
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Proposed F2S Law Moves Forward in Louisiana!

UPDATE – the bill just passed through the Louisiana House Education Committee too – so now onto the full Senate and House soon! Stay tuned! Great news! RFC and friends have been pushing Farm to School programs nationally and locally – and we just had another... Read More

Pet Owners March In Support Of Pet Evacuation Bill

Farm to school continues in Louisiana!

Yesterday, the Louisiana House Agriculture Committee moved a Farm to School bill forward that could bring more fresh local food to schools, by allowing them to directly connect with farmers, and sets up a database of farmers and schools interested in participating in such a program.... Read More

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“Alternative” Spring Break at Growing Local NOLA!

Some colleges are now encouraging their students to take “alternative” spring breaks – where the main focus is community service and learning through experiences. This past week, Recirculating Farms Coalition hosted two groups of Spring Breakers – one... Read More

Bring Fresh Local Food to U.S. Schools – NOW!

Over 30 million children across the U.S. eat at school through federal programs. But many schools don't offer fresh fruits and vegetables daily, and in some schools, ketchup is considered a vegetable. We need to change school food! Right now, Congress is discussing a new law that could improve what kids eat at school. Learn more here and tell Congress kids need local fresh food! .

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