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Below are current news and upcoming event listings relative to recirculating farming. Do you know about an event or media piece that should be posted here? Please tell us so we can include it!

Upcoming Events!

Sahib Aquaponics Training class!

Register Early – limited class size for a personalized training. Experienced Aquaponics gardeners will share their knowledge to empower you to grow your food locally and grow it naturally! They use simple language and will take their time to ensure that you understand and learn. Get more information or register here!


Aquaponics Classes

Learn about aquaponics— sustainably raising fish and vegetables together, using less water and energy than traditional farming, without the use of pesticides, herbicides  or chemical fertilizers, year ‘round! Nelson and Pade runs a number of classes throughout the year – so check them out and register now!


Morning Star Fishermen has a series of aquaponics classes available – from single day to multi-week, in Dade City, Florida (near Tampa). Check out what they have to offer and register here!


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