Fact Sheets and Reports

> Farmers’ Guide to Insurance [2013 PDF]

> NEW REPORT! From Out of the Blue, Green Farming [2013 PDF]

> Recirculating Farms Myths and Facts (short version) [2011 PDF]

> Recirculating Farms Myths and Facts [2011 PDF]

> Water Usage in Recirculating Farms [2011 PDF]

> Brochure [2011 PDF]

> Our Guiding Principles

> Report on Recirculating Aquaculture [PDF] – this report was written in 2009, when this organization began as the Alliance for Sustainable Aquaculture under Food & Water Watch. The group has since developed into the Recirculating Farms Coalition to be inclusive of recirculating hydroponic, aquaponic and aquaculture farms. We recently released an updated version of this report – but are providing it in its original form for your information and reference.