Farm to School in Louisiana!

It’s no secret that farm to school programs are literally growing all around the U.S., giving students hands-on opportunities to learn about fresh food, science, farming, the environment and so much more. We here at RFC have been working, especially in Louisiana, on promoting farm to school activities. Today, we are very excited that a Louisiana state resolution just passed with a unanimous vote out of the Senate Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture and Rural Development Committee to the full Senate for a vote on supporting farm to school programs for the state. We were there in Baton Rouge to urge the Committee to vote for this important, proactive piece. Read our comments here. Next, “SCR 94” will be voted on by the full Senate likely in the next few days.  If it passes, then it will move to the House for introduction and passage into the House Agriculture Committee. This process usually takes some time, so it may be a few weeks before the hearing in the House Agriculture Committee. We’ll keep you updated as it moves through the Louisiana legislature. What can you do right now? Thank Senator Heitmeier ( for introducing this resolution and promoting farm to school programs!

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