Farm to School Support Resolution Passes in Louisiana!

Hooray LA! We are very excited that our legislature passed a Farm to School support resolution! RFC, as part of a larger effort to improve access to healthy fresh food and increased wellness, has joined with a wide range of groups and individuals to push for Louisiana to be a leader on promoting healthier, local food in our schools. This is especially significant since there are so many farms and farmers that will happily sell their produce to schools, and work with schools to grow food right on site too, so Louisiana children can have access to fresher food.

This program so important to support, for example, to allow schools like Ponchatoula High School, that was founded due to the dramatic increase in the local strawberry growing industry and where today agriculture is a core part of their curriculum, to eat strawberries grown right in their own backyard (literally!) rather than imported from elsewhere. The City of Ponchatoula is often called the Strawberry Capital – with an annual strawberry festival. Students sell strawberry plants grown at school to the public.

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