Giving THANKS to all of you!

The Recirculating Farms Coalition is very thankful for all the support, enthusiasm and input from all our friends and partners working toward a healthier future for ourselves and our planet. Thank YOU for everything you do!

Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday that reminds us to be thankful for everything we enjoy in our lives. Historically, the first stories of Thanksgiving date back to 1621, when Pilgrims arrived in the United States. The story goes that upon coming to this new world, the Pilgrims had limited resources and knowledge on farming here, and lacked the necessary skills to feed themselves. The Wampanoag Native Americans taught them how to farm and catch fish. The result was a celebration of the last harvest of the year, Thanksgiving.

Why not pass on our long tradition of farming to your family? Start a recirculating farm at your home and grow healthy fresh food for your future meals. We encourage you to bring sustainable recirculating farmed foods to your table this holiday season and beyond.


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