In Honor of Earth Day – A New Recirculating Farm Map!!

In honor of the upcoming 41st Earth Day on April 22, the Recirculating Farms Coalition released a new interactive map that shows consumers where to buy vegetables, fruits, herbs, and seafood, as well as decorative plants and fish from innovative farms. The map identifies hydroponic (growing plants), aquaculture (growing fish) and aquaponic (growing plants and fish together) farms through color coding and provides location and contact information for each farm.

These farms use innovative techniques to grow more food, faster, in less space, using rainwater and renewable energy sources like solar or wind power. Still, they are not well known in the U.S., and so the Coalition undertook the mapping project to help people locate these farms and learn more about them.

The new map is a work-in-progress, the Coalition expects to add more farms and additional details to each entry over time, including what is grown and where products can be purchased if they are sold off-site. Is there a farm you know that is not on the map – tell Recirculating Farms Coalition about it!

Check out the new map!

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