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Below are useful links to do-it-yourself and other information related to recirculating farming. Find in person and on-line classes here. Please tell us if there are resources that you know of that should be listed here. We strive to connect you to up-to-date tools and experienced people that will help you build and grow a successful farm.

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Helpful Links:



DIY Manuals

A series of papers and manuals that will help you setup your own aquaponics system. GET THEM HERE

On-line Help

About design types

Examples of some of the design types that can be used when setting up your own aquaponic system READ MORE HERE

Build your own system

Basic instructions on the equipment needed and how to setup a starter system that will grow tomatoes.  Gold fish are used in this example due to the low maintenance needed to raise them READ MORE HERE

Which fish are easiest to raise

Brief description of some of the more common cold water fish raised using aquaculture. READ MORE HERE

Which plants are easiest to grow

A list of some of the plants that will grow best in your aquaponic system READ MORE HERE


(community supported)

From the Urban Farming Guys. provides DIY system plans as well as other tips on raising certain types of fish and produce. READ MORE HERE

Wiki (open source)

From that can answer many questions about setting up your own aquaponic system. READ MORE HERE


DIY aquaponics video from

Provides tips and instructions on building your own aquaponic system WATCH HERE

Growing Power’s commercial scale greenhouse in Milwaukee, WI – includes useful tips for your own at home system as well as insights into how a fully operational commercial system looks

Watch Pt 1:

Watch Pt 2:

Watch Pt 3:

How to install your own aquaponic system, brought to you by Backyard Aquaponics – Shows you how to setup a functioning aquaponics system from basic materials that can be bought at a hardware store

Watch Pt 1:

Watch Pt 2:

Watch Pt 3:

Introduction to practical aquaponics by Murray Hallams (Australia)

Gives tips on fish tank to grow bed ratios as well as how many fish to stock in your tank and optimal grow bed depth READ MORE HERE

Step-by-step video

Directions on designing a vortex filter system from the Urban Farming Guys. READ MORE HERE

Video roundup provided by

Demonstrates some useful tips for setting up an aquaponic system GET TIPS HERE



Preview – How To Hydroponics by Keith Roberto on googlebooks contains a ton of useful info for at home gardeners

On-line help

DIY instructions Hydro-garden from – How to make your own hydro-garden from

How to instructions: basics – Basics of hydroponics – DIY hydroponics – Various hydroponic methods – What to use to hold up your plants (“media”) and – indoor hydroponics – outdoor hydroponics

How to Instructions: system design – Instructions on building various styles of hydroponic systems including passive, flood and drain and top feed


DIY video – A video from that will help you setup your own hydroponic system

How to video: for beginners – Another Hydroponics for beginners video, this one has you use slightly different materials

How to video: system design- DWC – About making your own deep water culture (DWC) system

How to video: system design- PVC – Build a hydroponic system for only $50 with PVC





DIY Manual – A manual on urban aquaculture, also covers aquaponics and recirculating water systems

Step-by-Step – A manual on first steps for setting up your own aquaculture system

On-line help

Compiled online resources – A pre-compiled list of manuals, videos and tips on aquaculture, aquaponics and getting into the business commercially


How to videos – Video series on raising tilapia for a hatchery

Pt 3:

Pt 4:

Pt 5: