Our Ocean Needs You!

Help protect the waters, wildlife and people of the Gulf of Mexico and the rest of our oceans too!

The Gulf of Mexico has been battered by hurricanes, covered in oil and then sprayed above and below with chemicals in an effort to mask the terrible effects of the spill. Now, the Gulf faces another serious threat that can harm the rest of our ocean waters, marine wildlife and people too. Learn more here.

Years ago, the people that make management decisions about the Gulf of Mexico approved a plan that would allow development of giant floating fish farms in Gulf waters, despite that tens of thousands of people clearly voiced major opposition to it. (Learn why people are opposed to ocean fish farming here).

Soon after that decision, the federal government announced they would create a national policy to guide the building of ocean fish farms in U.S. waters. That policy was finalized last year over many objections. Now, the plan for allowing fish farms in the Gulf is up for renewal, so it matches the new federal policy – this means we have one last chance to stop this! Let the federal government know we have had enough damage in the Gulf!

And this is not only about the Gulf of Mexico – it is a back door way to promote ocean fish farming in all our oceans waters. (Learn about who wants ocean fish farming and why here). For years, proponents and the federal government have been pushing to pass national laws that would allow development of ocean fish farms all around the country – but Congress listened to the thousands and thousands of people like you who spoke out against this – and last time not even one supporter signed onto the bill that was introduced in Washington, DC, so of course it was never passed into law. (Read about disasters in ocean fish farming here). Now, allowing ocean fish farms through the fisheries management process is how proponents hope to make this happen – and the Gulf of Mexico is first in line for where these giant dirty fish farms may be. Let the federal government know we don’t want dirty fish farms in the Gulf of Mexico or off any of our coasts!

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