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Our primary food production systems in the United States are overly industrialized. Heavy reliance on imported foods, with minimal safety inspections and a huge carbon footprint to transport products around the globe, reduces domestic jobs and saddles consumers with lower quality food. Today, 1 in 6 people in the U.S. are struggling to buy food.

People are asking for real change — for access to better food so they can be healthier, and for the U.S. to create more jobs in sustainable businesses. In response to the public’s growing complaints about our troubled food system and the lack of employment opportunities, our government claims to be exploring ways to boost domestic food production and work options. Unfortunately, most of their plans encourage further industrialization, leading to fewer stable jobs and making food just another assembly-line product.

The Recirculating Farms Coalition promotes an alternative to this model, one that establishes a healthy, natural, and community-based way to grow fresh food. It is up to us to motivate change and build a movement calling for local, healthy, sustainable food. In doing so, we can create green jobs and food security in every community in the United States. We are therefore actively engaged on a number of critical issues nationwide:


• Raising awareness about recirculating farms

• Increasing public support for growing fresh local food and creating green jobs through building recirculating farms, especially in low-income urban and rural communities


• Calling for federal funding and other support for increased research and development of recirculating farms

• Promoting recirculating farms as an alternative to ocean fin fish farming

• Advocating for the United States Department of Agriculture to label fish grown in recirculating farms as organic, if they move forward with organic labeling standards for seafood

• Establishing clear standards for permitting, monitoring, labeling and operation

Research and Training

• Developing educational materials and programs to teach recirculating farming

• Building a model farm

• Supporting research into alternative natural feed sources for farmed fish to replace the use of wild fish for protein

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