With so many new places growing healthy, local food using earth-friendly methods, of course we are seeing wonderful new recipes as well!  We love to highlight these restaurants and chefs to inspire others to create delicious and good for you (and our planet) cuisine. Click Here to enjoy great recipes!


Recirculating farming – using water in place of soil as the basis to grow food – is catching on all across the U.S.  as a way to sustainably grow more food just about anywhere – indoors, outside, in cold or hot climates in urban or rural areas. Various restaurants and their fabulous chefs are excited about using fresh ingredients from aquaponic, hydroponic and aquaculture farms because they can tout their sustainability, naturalness and of course amazing taste too. Click Here to explore the restaurants.


Savvy chefs are picking up on – and in many cases leading – a good food revolution; locally grown, fresh food can be found featured on menus nearly everywhere today. And recirculating farming is becoming a favorite way to find the ideal ingredients for delicious and healthy dishes. Click Here to meet some wonderful Chefs.