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Below are useful links to do-it-yourself and other information related to recirculating farming. Find in person and on-line classes here. Please tell us if there are resources that you know of that should be listed here. We strive to connect you to up-to-date tools and experienced people that will help you build and grow a successful farm.

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Helpful Links — Aquaponics

  • DIY Manuals — A series of papers and manuals that will help you setup your own aquaponics system.
  • About design types — Examples of some of the design types that can be used when setting up your own aquaponic system.
  • Build your own system — Basic instructions on the equipment needed and how to setup a starter system that will grow tomatoes.  Gold fish are used in this example due to the low maintenance needed to raise them.
  • Which fish are easiest to raise — Brief description of some of the more common cold water fish raised using aquaculture.
  • Which plants are easiest to grow — A list of some of the plants that will grow best in your aquaponic system.
  • Community-Supported Wiki — From the Urban Farming Guys. Provides DIY system plans as well as other tips on raising certain types of fish and produce.
  • FairCompanies Aquaponic Wiki — Can answer many questions about setting up your own aquaponic system.

Videos — Aquaponics

Helpful Links – Hydroponics

Videos – Hydroponics

Helpful Links — Aquaculture

Videos — Aquaculture

Recirculating Farms National Map

Map of recirculating hydroponic, aquaponic, and aquaculture commercial farms across the United States, with specific information about farm locations, products, distribution and sales, tour and class availability, and contact information. Educational and nonprofit farms coming soon!

This map is a living document, and we welcome your input. Don't see a farm that should be on here? Email to let us know.

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