Roots On The Rooftop!

Innovative ways to build a stable and local food system seem to be popping up all around New Orleans these days, with a growing number of recirculating farms operating in and around the city. One of the newer ones – Roots on the Rooftop – is providing fresh herbs and certain vegetables to Rouses Market for use in its prepared foods and for sale to customers, since the June 1st start of the Locavore Challenge.

Designed and built by Aquaponics Modular Production Systems, a Recirculating Farms Coalition member, Roots on the Rooftop is growing a variety of edible plants in space-efficient vertical towers using a type of recirculating farming called aeroponics. In aeroponics, plants are suspended in air and roots are intermittently sprinkled with nutrient-rich water.

The new recirculating tower garden allows Rouses to use or sell the what is grown on its rooftop soon after picking. Can’t get more local and fresh than that!

We are very excited to see recirculating farming expanding so much in New Orleans – in fact, check back here for an exciting announcement about another new recirculating farm coming soon to the Big Easy!


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