Steve Earle in NOLA – with a message on GMOs (and more)

Steve Earle on stage at the Civic Theatre in New Orleans with a sign about GMO labeling

Several of us were lucky enough to get tickets to see the amazing Steve Earle along with his unbelievably talented band tonight at the recently restored Civic Theatre in New Orleans. True to form, they rocked the house for several hours, playing numerous guitars and a wide range of other instruments, through a three plus page set list and two multi-song encores.

As fantastic as the show itself was (and it was both in venue and content) – something else stood out to at least a few of us in the audience too – a sign on the front of the drums saying “I’m supporting – 522 – YES”. For those who didn’t recognize the message immediately – we are pleased to explain – this is a reference to Proposition 522 in Washington State, requiring genetically engineered foods to be labeled as such.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if we, as consumers, could know just by looking at a label which foods have or have not been genetically altered? Let’s hope Washington State’s efforts catch on – so everyone can more easily make informed choices about the food we buy and eat.

This wasn’t the only issue raised during the concert. Steve told us about his son being diagnosed with autism, his concerns about the environment, what we eat, drink and the air we breathe, and how those likely impact our health, that lines at a soup kitchen in a church near his house have gotten noticeably longer in recent years, and why people should focus on important matters – taking care of other people and our planet.

Kudos to them for bringing us together for the music – and helping us think a little more too.

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