New and Beginning Farmer Trainings in Louisiana!

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In collaboration with SPROUT NOLA, Recirculating Farms has been offering farming classes as part of the New and Beginning Farmers Development Program through USDA. This program is designed for older youth and adults who eventually might like to become professional growers. Whether that means growing food for family, friends and neighbors, or something more – […]


6 Things You Should Know About Seafood

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This piece appears courtesy of FoodPrint  By Ryan Nebeker If you have eaten seafood recently, odds are you have eaten farmed seafood. You might have believed you were making a sustainable and healthy choice, one that helps protect wild populations and is a smart way to feed a growing population. But the real story of […]

Green jobs

NOLA and Proud: Liberty’s Kitchen!

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Liberty’s Kitchen is a New Orleans nonprofit organization, founded in 2008. It hosts a restaurant, professional kitchen for training and a cafe, meeting and learning areas. As its website says, its visionary work focuses on youth development, youth leadership, and food security in under-resourced areas. At the heart of Liberty’s Kitchen Youth Development Program is […]

Farm/Farmer Feature

Spotlight: River Queen Greens

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What does it take to be one of the only commercial urban farms in the Greater New Orleans Area? It helps a TON to have the perfect combination of owners; one with commercial farming experience and the other with a business background. Cheryl Nunes participated in a farmer training program seven years ago in Massachusetts, […]


Big THANKS to You!

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On this day of giving thanks – we here at Recirculating Farms thank all our friends, family and supporters throughout the years. We have seen many important changes in laws, policies, behaviors and attitudes related to growing food, and are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the amazing good food movement. So […]

In the News

Ocean fish farms in the Gulf of Mexico

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It’s been a number of years since the federal government continued pushing to allow large floating cages filled with fish in our already stressed Gulf waters. Believe it or not, National Marine Fisheries Service – the agency tasked with conservation and management of all things fish and fishing in the U.S. – is trying to […]