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Our primary food production systems in the United States are overly industrialized. Also, reliance on imported foods, with minimal safety inspections and a huge carbon footprint to transport products around the globe reduces domestic jobs and saddles consumers with lower quality food. Unfortunately, while people are asking for change, the government’s response has been more of the same, with growing industrialization, fewer job available and food becoming just another assembly-line product. It is up to us to change things and create a movement toward local, healthy, sustainable food. In doing so, we can create green jobs and food security in every community in the United States. Tell President Obama to make it happen.

Here is a sample letter:

Dear President Obama,

I am very concerned about the support for the continued industrialization of U.S. food production systems. I ask that you be an advocate for providing healthier food and green jobs by allocating our money wisely and supporting development of smaller-scale, community-based recirculating farms.

Recirculating farms use clean recycled water to grow food. These farms can grow plants (hydroponics), fish (on-land aquaculture), or both plants and fish together (aquaponics). Well-designed farms can run with no antibiotics or other drugs or chemicals and use renewable energy sources to power the farm. Recirculating farms grow fish and vegetables, flowers, fruits, herbs and more.

Because they are closed loop, these farms do not need to be connected to any natural water sources for drainage, and can therefore grow a wide range of products without the threat of releasing them into the wild, or creating competition with smaller-scale fishermen who make their living selling popular local fish. Often, they recycle and re-purpose waste too.

Recirculating farms are scalable, they can be as compact as a desktop, for personal use, or be run as a commercial operation. Also, because they are self-contained and cleaner, these farms can be located near markets, even in urban and in-land communities, that will ultimately use the products. This cuts down on use of fuel for transport and gives consumers fresher food.

The U.S. is in one of its worst economic situations in many years, and is in bad need of new stable job opportunities, especially eco-friendly ones. Recirculating farms create long-term green jobs as well as food security.

I urge you to support funding for increased research and development of recirculating farms in the United States.

You can e-mail a letter like this to President Obama by going to this address: www.whitehouse.gov/contact

Coming soon- we’ll have our own e-mail system in action so you can just send a message to the President directly!