Thankful For An Amazing 1st Year!

Here at the Recirculating Farms Coalition – we are very thankful for many things, in particular all the amazing people and organizations we have met over this past year. (See some of our feature farms and people here). There are so many partnerships, colleagues and friends all working for a better food culture in the U.S. and beyond. And let’s not forget about all the recirculating farms and farmers out there! (Check out our map of commercial recirculating farms).

Our small organization began in a meeting room in Washington DC, as a group of excited people from all over the country interested in recirculating farms. Since that time in January 2009, we have grown into a new formalized non-profit organization (in September 2011) and now just over a year later, are thousands strong! Our Facebook and Twitter followers are constantly interacting and increasing in number – and we are working with so many individuals and groups to help promote healthy, fresh, sustainable, affordable food in every community nationwide. So this week when people all around the nation are remembering what they are thankful for – we THANK YOU for all that you do and look forward to more fantastic collaborative work in the months to come and next year!

Stay well!

Marianne Cufone, Executive Director Recirculating Farms Coalition

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