“Urban Food Lab” Showcases Recirculating Farming in Philly, PA

The Partnership of Philadelphia PA, is a Community Development Corporation dedicated to addressing affordable housing and economic development in West and Southwest Philadelphia. For Earth Day, The Partnership is hosting an open house at its new high tech Urban Food Lab to show off an indoor aquaponics system – growing plants and fish together. The project will raise tilapia, spinach, bell peppers, collard greens, tomatoes, romaine lettuce and more. They plan to sell their products locally to increase availability of healthy affordable food.

Growing food in urban environments, through eco-efficient methods like recirculating farming, right where the food will be used, creates sustainable and affordable sources of local food. (See similar farms in action in pictures and videos).  Moving food shorter distances means fresher food for consumers and using less fuel for shipping and refrigeration – a plus for our planet. This also reduces costs for growers, savings that can be passed on to consumers, making good food more affordable. (Learn more about the benefits of recirculating farms here).

Creating new sustainable farms also means growing new local green job opportunities – a great way to help rebuild our ailing economy as well as a better food system!

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