A Fish (well, actually many) Grows in Brooklyn?

Recirculating farms are popping up all over the U.S. Do you know about any in your community? If so, please tell us! We are putting together a map of recirculating farms so people can find them and be able to get their products more easily.

Some colleges are now teaching recirculating farming.  At CUNY’s Brooklyn College (in Brooklyn, NY), Dr. Martin Schreibman, Professor and Director Emeritus, founded the Aquatic Research and Environmental Assessment Center lab. There they grow thousands of tilapia, in tanks — right inside an on-campus college building. Students of Brooklyn College can take an urban farming class that teaches how to raise and breed fish in an indoor farm that uses continuously cleaned and recycled water.

Dr Schreibman also has smaller aquaponic systems set up in an office and classrooms that grow plants and fish together.

Experimenting with recirculating farming for more than 15 years, Dr Schreibman has even had some of his fish go to outer space. In 1998, he worked with Dr. Volker Bluem of Germany to develop a small system for the space shuttle Endeavor, to help test whether growing fresh seafood in space could be an option for long trips.

Here, he talks about aquaponics and his work at Brooklyn College


Dr. Schreibman also helps new farmers set up their own recirculating aquaculture and aquaponic systems. He can be reached at:

Martin P. Schreibman, Ph.D.

M.P.S. Consulting Associates, LLC

e-mail: martinpschreibman13@gmail.com

(Office) 718 951 5110

(Cell)    917 364 6725

(FAX)   718 951 4768

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