A School of Fish!

In college as well as K-12 grade, aquaponics is making its way to the classroom. This was the focal point of a conference at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where speakers from around the country explored how recirculating farms can both provide fresh, healthy food for local cafeterias, and be a prominent program of study in and of itself.

The Stevens Point branch of the University of Wisconsin has been leading the development of aquaponics education over the past few years, serving as the first accredited university to offer semester-long aquaponics classes. Soon, program leaders hope to offer a full certificate course in aquaponics for students.

Another notable highlight of the conference was a mobile aquaponics unit, which is used to instruct K-12 students across California in recirculating aquaculture.

Click here to read more about the conference and exciting developments in aquaponics nationwide.

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