Dominique’s NOLA – hydroponics grows fresh and local fare!

What happens when art, sustainability, and delicious food combine? Just ask Chef Dominique Macquet (or go check it out for yourself) at the recently opened Dominique’s on Magazine, where fresh ingredients are growing just outside the kitchen. The restaurant, once an old firehouse, is home to a courtyard “secret garden” where hydroponic vegetables and herbs grow on the walls.

Hydroponics is a method to grow plants in nutrient-rich water, without soil.

Not only are ready-to-be-picked ingredients at the chef’s fingertips year round, but the amazing vertical garden creates a natural ambiance unique in the New Orleans dining scene, and gets the conversation started about just what innovative farming, like hydroponics, can do for communities.

Chef Macquet is one of an ever-increasing group of tops chefs here in New Orleans to openly embrace hydroponic garden grown fare, and across the country, restaurants are regularly teaming up with hydroponic farmers to ensure they have fresh, local produce year round. Read about the budding partnerships between restaurants and hydroponic farms in New York City.

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