Holidays, Recipes and Recirculating Farms

Holidays often evoke images of gathering with family and friends, and cooking and eating fun, delicious food.

Two weeks back, we discussed the incredible variety of food and plants that come from recirculating farms.  So why not include them in your holiday plans? These farms produce some of our favorite vegetables – like peppers and salad greens; also, legumes, fruits and a huge assortment of herbs. Aquaponic and aquaculture farms can grow a variety of fish too. Recirculating farms even grow flowers and decorative “trees” (see our Facebook post on this here) – so they can help you decorate your table and home!

Recently, we caught up with one of our chef friends, Elliott Prag, from the Natural Gourmet Institute, a culinary school in Manhattan, New York that focuses on health supportive cooking. He gave us recipes for amazing dishes to use this holiday season and beyond, that feature some of our favorite recirculating farm items.

Recirculating farms can help you make the holidays special with fresh local ingredients for your meals and decorations! Please support your local farmers!

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