NOLA and Proud: Liberty’s Kitchen!

Liberty’s Kitchen is a New Orleans nonprofit organization, founded in 2008. It hosts a restaurant, professional kitchen for training and a cafe, meeting and learning areas. As its website says, its visionary work focuses on youth development, youth leadership, and food security in under-resourced areas. At the heart of Liberty’s Kitchen Youth Development Program is building community for any young adult interested in new opportunities.

During time with Liberty’s Kitchen mentors, youth learn cooking and workplace skills. Programs also offer a wide range of ways to express creativity, practice problem solving, and develop cooperation and collaboration skills to achieve their goals. At the end of a program, the Liberty’s Kitchen staff assists graduates in finding jobs and applying to schools to support their experiences at Liberty’s Kitchen.

Liberty’s Kitchen also operates a restaurant and a café for the public and offers catering, from their Broad Street Cafe.

Check out the LK menu here.

Like us here at Recirculating Farms, Liberty’s Kitchen works with Top Box Foods Louisiana to deliver fresh food throughout New Orleans. LK and Top Box supply local corner stores with fresh produce. As (add stat here about low access to fresh food and importance of corner stores).

Food security is a top priority of this nonprofit. Even now during the COVID19 pandemic, LK and partners (including us at Recirculating Farms!) worked to increase food access through at-home deliveries.

Where Y’at Magazine recently featured Liberty’s Kitchen work to supply 10,000 meals to the following organizations in NOLA: Ozanam Inn, Covenant House, Southern Solidarity, Lantern Light, and Grace at the Greenlight.

Liberty’s Kitchen continued to engage with the New Orleans community virtually in recent months, by hosting online “Guest Chef Night” on Youtube, where viewers can watch a New Orleans chef prepare a delicious meal and follow along with the tutorial in their own homes. By signing up in advance, viewers will have the same farm-fresh ingredients delivered to them by Top Box so that they can have the same finished product featured in the video!

If you’re interested in signing up for the next virtual event, check out the latest news on the Liberty’s Kitchen Events page!

If you’re interested in trying out what Liberty’s Kitchen has to offer, there are currently curbside delivery, takeout and home delivery options available through Uber eats or by calling their Broad Street location in advance. Additionally, you can sign up to volunteer or be a mentor to youth participants. To learn more about this incredible organization and the many lives they have impacted, visit their website.

Liberty’s Kitchen is part of our Growing Local Collaborative which has funding from the Humana Foundation – big THANKS to them for supporting us in doing the work we do!!









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