Recirculating farms – a good source of potassium

Potassium can help prevent and/or fight a range of health problems. Much like calcium, potassium works to help strengthen bones and is a key player in preventing osteoporosis. The mineral has also been shown to help reduce high blood pressure, kidney stones, and assist with cell function. In particular, seniors, are recommended to get approximately 4,700 milligrams of potassium daily.
While bananas are a well known source of potassium, there are only so many days one can consume this yellow favorite before it gets a little stale. Fortunately, potassium is found in large quantities in a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables too.

Recirculating farms can grow fruits and vegetables year round, and are especially good at growing greens, which are high in potassium.
In an effort to make sure you meet your daily potassium goals, try incorporating dark leafy greens, such as spinach, into salads, smoothies and other favorite recipes. Also, eating acorn squash and various fish (these too can be raised in recirculating farms!) will ensure you’re getting enough of this powerhouse nutrient.
Start your own recirculating garden – or check out our map for ones near you, and eat more fresh healthy foods!

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