TEDx Manhattan – Changing the Way We Eat

Recirculating Farms Coalition executive director, Marianne Cufone, gave a presentation at the TEDx Manhattan conference on January 21, 2012. The theme was “Changing The Way We Eat.” Marianne told conference viewers about everything recirculating farms, what they are and why they can be a part of rebuilding a healthy, sustainable food culture.

Recirculating farms include hydroponic, aquaculture and aquaponic farm systems. These farms are capable of providing healthy, local food grown in an eco-friendly way.

TED conferences are known for taking an innovative approach on everything involving technology, entertainment and design. They are famous for embracing the ideas of innovative people to benefit the world we live in. *The x (after the TED) means that it is a self organized event.

“Changing the Way We Eat” featured speakers making waves in the food world. Experts spoke about hydroponics, labeling controversies, and the impact of factory farms. Our own Marianne Cufone introduced recirculating farms and how beneficial they are!

The conference was in New York, but even those that couldn’t attend in person, saw it live on their website. Videos of the presentations are now available – so we at Recirculating Farms Coalition encourage you to check it out. Click here to watch Marianne Cufone’s talk.

By teaching people about recirculating farms, we can, together, help change where food comes from; and by changing where our food comes from we can in turn ‘change the way we eat!’

See another video featuring Marianne explaining recirculating farms and how our Coalition started.


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