Show Us the Love – Tell Feds Recirculating Farms Can be “Organic”

Show your love for recirculating farms today – tell USDA – recirculating farms that meet USDA Organic standards should be eligible for the USDA Organic label!

Right now, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) – an advisory body to the U.S.Department of Agriculture (USDA) – on all things “organic” is discussing whether to prevent sustainable recirculating farms from being eligible for the USDA Organic label! It seems unthinkable that hydroponic and aquaponic farms that can not only meet, but in some instances beat existing organic standards should not be labeled USDA Organic! These farms can recycle water and waste, run on solar or other alternative energy, limit the need for antibiotics, fertilizers and pesticides and be located in otherwise unusable spaces for growing – like rooftops, and paved, rocky or small spaces. They prevent depletion of nutrients in soil and are both an answer to resilience in growing in an ever changing climate and contribute far less than other forms of farming to factors that hasten climate change. This all makes them an ideal match with USDA Organic principles. BUT some companies are fighting for their edge in the market and want to keep the organic label all to themselves. Please let the NOSB know you want all farms that can meet USDA Organic standards to be labeled USDA Organic – learn more and sign the petition here!

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